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Cheryl Cran Keynote Speaker and Author

Awaken your full potential.

Cheryl has an extensive background in training from a curriculum design aspect and in delivering training that translates into results for the organization.

Training is an essential strategy for building the future workplace today- companies who provide ongoing investment into their talent with skills development, knowledge sharing and ‘evolutionary’ next level programs are gaining the competitive advantage.

Cheryl focuses on aligning the skills and development needs of the people in your company with the overall strategic vision with a focus on helping teams deepen skills that increase customer and employee value.

Effective training has specific goals and objectives, is delivered with fun, relevance and innovative content AND can be put to immediate use by attendees to increase results within the company. Cheryl’s consulting firm has licensed trainers that have gone through rigorous ‘train the trainer’ programs and who share the vision of, “providing training that sticks and creates the next level of success”.


70% of organizations cite capability gaps as one of their top five challenges.



50% of senior executives do not receive any coaching or leadership advice.

Stanford University


Only 49% of employees say their companies are providing career growth opportunities.


Executive Leadership Training

Vision, mission, values focused strategic retreats focused on future of work and leading change strategy and execution plans.

Leadership Training

Innovative and evolutionary training programs to enhance senior and mid level leaders ability to lead change and the future workplace today.

Management Training

Leveraging decision making, managing priorities, coaching and development skills for team building and gaining increased buy in to fast paced change.

The Art of Change Leadership Training

Everyone is a change leader -leadership skills for everyone including evolutionary communication, authentic leadership skills, generational team work, and mutual accountability within teams to create the future of work today.

What would 2020 look like if you upped your investment in elevated skill development for your teams?

Are you leading with the future in mind?

In the fast paced reality of today’s workplace the main competitive advantage is being the company with most developed leaders and teams. What is your plan to ensure that your people have the latest and most up to date training and skills development to meet the ongoing change and demands of your industry? Research shows that Gen Y’s will stay longer for companies who provide ongoing learning and development opportunities. Increase your recruiting efforts and your retention of your top talent by investing in their further development today!

Cheryl Cran - CEO Author Speaker

The return on investment for consistent training is increased customer happiness and employee engagement.

Do you want to thrive in the new economy? Invest your time and energy in training your teams for the future workplace today.

The market has shifted dramatically in regards to skill development for business success – where a few years ago there would be fear of investing in the training of talent only to see them go elsewhere there is a realization today that EVERY company is investing more into training and therefore its a ‘new normal’ for all industries. For every top talent person that leaves a company – there is a set back both financially and in productivity UNLESS you have proactively trained and developed people as part of an ongoing strategy.

Cheryl is the founder of Evolutionary Leadership Training that provides future ready leadership skills for leaders of all levels

Cheryl Cran - CEO Author Speaker

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