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Recruiting Top Talent

Cheryl Cran Keynote Speaker and Author

Over 70% of Fortune 500 CEO’s surveyed say that attracting top talent is a major focus and even with robotics, 51% of companies plan to hire MORE people in the next five years.

Does your company attract and retain top talent?

The US Conference Board states that the need for recruiting and keeping high-performing talent is going to be an ongoing major challenge for organizations well into the year 2020, especially for those who require special skills. The challenge of attracting and retaining top talent is linked to multiple factors including increasing globalization, competition for top talent, technology and the generational attitude differences.

Recruiting techniques now are a combination of activities, including social media posts, employee incentives for referrals, the creation of talent pools or often referred to as having  ‘people on the bench,’ global calls for talent and more. All of the work associated with finding top talent is all for nothing if your company does not have a good reputation for being a great place to work. Your brand and your workplace culture are crucial elements to attracting and keeping talented people.

Once leaders find and hire the talent they need, the next challenge for them is how to keep talented people engaged and not have a retention issue. Some organizations still believe that money is the only thing that matters to top talent, “If we pay them more than our competition they will want to work here, they will be happy and they will stay.” As all successful organizations know, that theory could not be further from the truth.

The key to engagement and retention is leadership. We have heard “people don’t leave their jobs they leave their leaders.” It’s absolute FACT!  Of course the pay, the benefits, the perks, etc are all important pieces of the package, however the number 1 key success factor on attracting and retaining top talent is the quality of leadership in your organization. The workplace is shifting to a ‘shared leadership’ model and this requires a new kind of leadership a new operating system and a completely new way of looking at how to engage and retain talented people.


69% of job seekers say they wouldn't work at a company with a bad reputation, even if they were unemployed.


91% of millennials today report that they expect to stay in any given job for less than 3 years total.


Only 44% of employees in the US say that they currently feel valued and appreciated by their employer.

Some Of  The Top Reasons Why Companies Struggle Attracting, Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent Include:

Attempts to “Keep” People Loyal

A common myth about Gen Y’s is that they are not ‘loyal’ – when in fact Gen Y’s see that they have unlimited options through social media and globalization. Many organizations still attribute loyalty to how long people work for the company.  There is absolutely no relevance to that. The average Gen Y will stay in one job for just under three years – not because they are not loyal because they are constantly looking to learn and grow.

Getting Complacent After They Are Hired

Once an organization has successfully hired the talent they were looking for the job isn’t over…it’s just getting started. After all of the effort to attract top talent many leaders relax and move on when the focus needs to be on the strategies to keep their people engaged. The employee processes, the leadership culture and the work environment all must be reviewed, improved and matched to what the employees needs are. Everything from the interview process to the performance review systems and employee rewards need to be built based on direct input from the employees.  Employees are the greatest asset of any organization and they will stay, be loyal, be engaged, and be excited to contribute more when they feel included.

Not Asking The Right Questions

The future of work now requires a different type of thinking and different kinds of questions, a different mindset. Rather than ask ‘how do we keep this person for five years?” the question should be, “how can we be the best at keeping all of our employees engaged, growing, learning?”

Cheryl Cran - CEO Author Speaker

Cheryl Cran helps organizations and their leaders prepare for ‘the future of work now’ by providing leading edge concepts, assessments and strategies to greatly improve recruiting and retention results.

Through keynotes, workshops, coaching and consulting Cheryl and her team have both the leadership development strategies and the technological solutions to bring your recruiting and retention to the next level. Cheryl doesn’t just give you the ‘instruction manual’ she works with you to address and implement the success factors required.


Cheryl Cran works with clients to provide strategic facilitation of ideas and solutions specific to recruiting and retention. Whether you want Cheryl to facilitate an executive retreat or an internal meeting focused on this challenge, or you want a full review and assessment of how to improve existing processes, Cheryl has the expertise and proven success that companies and individuals she has worked with globally have implemented that have dramatically improved their recruiting and retention results.

In addition Cheryl provides leadership development coaching that has been described as ‘extraordinary’ to increase retention and employee engagement. Through one-on-one coaching, leaders who are deeply dedicated to being the best that they can be, work directly with Cheryl to learn and develop the key areas for development that directly correlate to increasing employee commitment and loyalty.

CEOs and Leaders who work with Cheryl have at least one thing in common… workplace challenges that are road-blocks on the highway to the future. Are you ready to take the necessary action that will launch your business into the future with top talent on board?

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