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Cheryl Cran Keynote Speaker and Author

Creating the “Future Workplace Today” requires the new innovative strategies and systems I have spent years researching, developing and implementing with  organizations globally that truly support the outcomes you want and need to create within your company.

Do your existing systems support what you want to create for your customers and employees? How do you know if they do?

“The Future Workplace Today” must have leaders with upgraded operating systems, yes just like your technology, your human assets also need to upgrade their OS – new thinking, new approaches and the ability to be uber flexible.

Do you and your leaders have the ability to adapt and innovate rapidly and proactively? How do you measure that?

Cheryl Cran and her consulting team provides what Cheryl calls ‘Integrated Business Solutions’.  A roadmap for creating the “The Future Workplace Today” for even greater success.

We work with our clients, understanding where they are now, where they want and need to be, how together we can get them there, including implementing the metrics to measure and monitor success. We offer:

  • Strategic planning sessions focused on what’s working, opportunities for growth and what’s next assessments
  • Aligned systems and processes to support the goals and outcomes for consistent extraordinary customer experiences and an inspired employee culture
  • Integrated business solutions with a team of social media experts, website experts, digital strategy experts, customer journey mapping experts and more … a total solution that we work together on, not a ‘read a report’ and do it yourself approach
  • Customized leadership development programs that include self assessments, 360 degree assessments along with peer reviews. Our assessments cut to the core and often uncover the real challenges not the symptoms!
  • Succession plans that include a career development plan for high potential top talent and identifying mentorship opportunities. To keep top talent, they need to understand and agree to a development path.
  • Business growth strategy sessions focused on systems, leadership and people development required to achieve business goal and the strategies and actions we will help you with to get there.

Our consulting clients that we have worked with to achieve breakthrough change and are highly successful are in a wide range of industries including; technology, communications, finance, insurance, agriculture, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, construction and more.


50% of people that quit do so because of their boss.

Gallup Poll, April 2015


Turnover costs up to 150% of employee's annual salary.


billion - employee disengagement cost to US organizations

Gallup Estimate

Are you leading with the future in mind?

Where do you see your business in the next five years if you do not make any changes today?

In order to drive transformation in a fast paced world you need the next level of strategic vision, you want the latest tools and resources to get there and you are ready to lead the change now!

Contact our office to receive a complimentary 30 minute call with Cheryl Cran to discuss your companies opportunities to build the future workplace today.

Do You Want Be The Iconic Leader In Your Industry ?

You are ready to transform your company, to add more value to your clients and employees AND you want to transform the industry too!

Being an industry leader means you do not follow what the industry is doing rather you are leading the change of where you whole heartedly believe the industry needs to go! Work with Cheryl and her team to align strategy and vision with the HOW to get there – we have the expertise and the experts to help you create the new vision and to implement what is needed to get there.

Contact our office to receive a complimentary 30 minute call with Cheryl Cran to discuss how we can help you be the iconic leader in your industry.

Cheryl Cran - CEO Author Speaker

Clear the path to success.

Cheryl Cran offers a proven and holistic approach to help organizations thrive in the new normal.

Cheryl Cran starts by helping leaders and their teams work together to develop and agree to a plan of how to move forward or if need be we recommend solutions for working in a multigenerational workplace.

We provide integrated solutions that include in person consulting, strategic planning sessions, online leadership development programs and more!

How Our Consulting Services Work:

Perform Need Analysis

We conduct assessments to determine where you are now, what’s working and where the opportunities are.

Review Goals

We align your goals based on your bold vision for growth and transformation.

Create Strategic Plan

We create journey maps with project planning milestones for each part of the strategic plan


We measure the impact and we provide status updates along the way to outstanding progress for the business and the people.

Cheryl Cran - CEO Author Speaker

Get Started & Make A Change Today

We have over 50 years combined experience on our consulting team we can assure you will have access to the expertise and experience you need reach your goals.

We are large enough to provide full suite solutions and small enough to care.

Take some time to connect with Cheryl – book your complimentary 30 minute call to discuss your company’s goals and how we can work together to build your next level of success.