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Cheryl Cran Keynote Speaker and Author

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Cheryl Cran is a Keynote Speaker who excites, unites and incites people to courageously be ‘evolutionary change leaders’ who can transform the future for themselves, their teams, their companies and ultimately the world…

The future can be both scary and exhilarating for everyone.

The current and future reality is and will continue to be filled with massive uncertainty and instability.

Cheryl Cran’s keynotes answer the question: “What can you do to be future ready now and to lead the changes to get there? “

The future is calling people to evolve their change leadership abilities to the next level and to thrive in the new normal of ‘not knowing what’s going to happen next’.

The human race is wired for evolution – to push the envelope, to create something out of nothing and collectively there is an urgent drive to transform the systems, processes and leadership needed to get to a new future.

The opportunity is right here and right now to be a force for massive positive change and the time to co-create THE future is now!

The time is now to unleash the ‘full’ potentiality of leaders and teams to transform how business serves its clients and employees and the way  people work together.

The time is now to forge a spectacular future through business that impacts all of humanity in a meaningful and profound way.

Cheryl’s keynotes provide the creative ideas, the (r) evolutionary models, and the practical tools to help people answer the call of the future and to make the changes needed to get there with confidence, courage and commitment.

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Future of Work Keynote

The Future of Work is NOW – Are You Ready?

What will leaders and their teams have to do to survive and thrive today and beyond to the year 2020? Organizations must take action now!

Today’s disruptions include ongoing global change, technological innovation and changing workplace dynamics.

This keynote will provide future of work research and insights, it is thought provoking, (with a dash of humor), and presents creative, actionable ideas to incorporate the most effective future of work leadership strategies you can use right away to be ready for the future of work NOW.

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The Art of Change Leadership Keynote

“Lead Change In a Fast Paced and Technological Workplace”

This keynote is for leaders and their teams who are working in times of intense technological innovation, fast change and among multi-generational teams, in other words every organization.

The future is proving to be times of innovation and will require breakthrough performance from leaders and their teams.

Now it is time to focus on the future, initiate change, and move forward with aligned strategies on the vision that will ensure your organization exceeds the extraordinary results you want!

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Evolutionary Leadership Keynote

Upgrade Your Leadership OS (Operating System)

In today’s fast paced and fast changing  workplace, leaders have more pressure than  ever before. There is a higher need in business to have  greater leadership abilities, to create more  engagement with employees and to increase  innovation and collaboration among their  teams.

In this evolutionary leadership keynote, Cheryl Cran provides an evolutionary leadership model that offers a deeper look into personal performance and how to lead at the highest levels.

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Generations Keynote

Maximizing Collaboration and Innovation in Multi Generational Teams

This keynote is based on the content of Cheryl’s best selling book, 101 Ways to Make Generations X, Y and Zoomers Happy at Work. This keynote is all about harnessing the strengths of each of the generations to move business forward.

Research shows that the generations impact is being felt by all industries world wide, the challenges include dealing with different work values, attracting and keeping Gen X and Y employees, succession planning for Zoomers, retiring Zoomers, and more.

This keynote is not about ‘what we need to know’ about each of the generations, rather its more about ‘what’ do we do as leaders to further engage, motivate and lead the multiple generations in the workplace.

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(R)evolutionary Future Skills Keynotes

I am an on-going learner. For over 20 years I have researched and participated in many human potential programs for my personal self-improvement and I’ve also researched the latest techniques for improving leadership performance.

From my research and personal experience I have found that the work of Dr. Donald Epstein is extremely advanced and includes the most integrated concepts and teachings that I have discovered and as such I have put many of them into practice both personally and corporately.

Epstein Technologies is the accumulation of the research, theories and models created by Dr. Epstein and have been validated by numerous Universities. Dr. Epstein’s work has helped thousands of people globally improve their health, personal well-being and ultimate success.

We have worked in collaboration with Dr. Epstein and Epstein Technologies for 2 years. Using my corporate leadership expertise I had the privilege of writing and co-developing the extraordinary programs that now bring Dr. Epstein’s concepts and applications to the business world. The Epstein Technologies Corporate Programs have been developed for delivery in the form of Keynotes, Seminars and Training programs. Please contact me for more information.

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Recruiting Top Talent Keynote

Finding and Keeping Good People In The Age of Robotics, Remote Workers and Increasing Competition

We are in a war for talent, Fortune 500 CEO’s surveyed state that even with the age of robotics they are planning to continue to seek and hire talented people well into 2020 and beyond. The competition for attracting top talent is increasing, and as quickly as people are being hired and trained other industries are approaching and poaching talent.

What can you do? In this keynote you will find out how to attract top talent and how to retain them.

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Personal High Performance Keynote

We are all working in a rapid-fire change reality- it can be a challenge to have the stamina, the energy and the passion to keep growing and going!

Through my research and subsequent leadership development solutions, I- like other successful people and organizations- have tapped into the secret of creating on-going extraordinary results and increasingly better performance.

What’s the secret?

“Everyone is a Leader” AND everyone needs to increase his or her Passion, Energy and Personal Power individually in order to create the extraordinary, sustainable positive change and growth collectively.

This powerful, inspiring keynote provides solid research, insights and evolutionary tools to help individuals to increase energy, reignite passion and step into the next level of personal power.

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