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Developing Leaders Of The Future

Cheryl Cran Keynote Speaker and Author

Developing Leaders of the Future Leaders Of The Future Are A Few Steps Ahead

Are you stuck in the tasks and the daily challenges as a leader?

Many leaders are so focused on putting out fires, staying on top of tasks and reacting to change that often they do not have the time or the ability to work on or focus on improving their leadership abilities let alone their abilities to lead change.

It’s the catch 22 where leaders know they would benefit from increased skill building but they feel pulled between being proactive in investing in time up front to being proactive and more agile with taking time away from daily demands.

Research proves that for the time and money invested in leadership and team skill building the organization benefits from increased productivity, loyalty and innovation. Solutions for improving leadership skills require repetition and that repetition of learning can include in person programs on leadership skill building, online courses and virtual coaching skills.

To support leaders who want to become leaders of the future, Cheryl Cran and her team offers solutions such as keynotes, training, one-on-one coaching, in person and online mentoring, and train the trainer programs where leaders in the organization learn from and participate with our experts to become licensed to teach the content provided by an outside expert.


33% of any executive's time is spent responding to crises or problems.



73% of executives say they do not have uninterrupted time during the day.



About 60% of the average CEO's time each day is spent in meetings.

Business Insider

3 of the Top Reasons Why Companies Struggle Developing Leaders of the Future

Not Enough Time

Every CEO and leader I talk to say the same thing that there are not enough hours in the day. There is no question that the demands on a leaders time are more than in the past. This too however is a catch 22 as long as the focus on developing leaders is not a priority it never really gets the attention needed AND the time invested in developing leaders always nets a higher yield in performance, innovation and productivity.

Not Sure of ROI

A common question about investing in ongoing leadership development and succession planning is ‘what is the return on investment’? Although it is difficult to measure the intangibles of people development it can be measured by establishing pre-development baselines and then post development improvements. The measures can be graphed as well as gathered anecdotally and tracked by the individuals participating in the development opportunities. Typically peer reviews and customer care improvement ratings indicate growth and increased results are great ways of measuring ROI. The cost of employee training and development should not be thought of as an expense, it should be thought of as an investment.

Can’t Take Time Away From Work

Many companies run lean operations and having people away for more than a day at a time can cause stress on other team members and a backlog of work. However companies that build in leadership development as a work priority find that people will happily attend development opportunities with a focus on learning ideas and strategies that can be implemented for job improvement right away.

Cheryl Cran - CEO Author Speaker

You Need an Outsourced Leadership Expert – Cheryl Cran Can Help 

Cheryl has been a highly successful leader since the age of twenty-three, she has researched the components of master leadership skills for over twenty years, she has led numerous teams both locally, nationally and internationally to extraordinary successes. She is passionate about developing leaders for the future.

Through leadership assessments, executive retreats and coaching, leadership training Cheryl and her team can help you develop your leaders for the future of work today.

Leadership Consulting

Through targeted leadership consulting Cheryl Cran provides tremendous insights, strategies etc. that will work and innovative ideas that have helped companies to transform their businesses. Leadership assessments, peer reviews, personality assessments, emotional intelligence assessments, and evolutionary leadership assessments are just a few of the tools that Cheryl uses to get a complete snapshot of your leadership development opportunities. She creates a leadership journey map based on your goals and your hero’s journey as a leader, which serves as a blueprint towards your leadership development goals.

Executives and leaders who work with Cheryl have at least one thing in common… workplace challenges that are blocking the path to the future. Are you ready to lead your organization into the future?

Future Of Work Keynote

Lead with 2020 Vision – Building the Workplace of the Future Today

What will business leaders have to do to thrive today, but also to thrive in the year 2020? Today’s business challenges include ongoing change, technological advancements and shifting workplace dynamics.

Cheryl’s keynote will provide business insights, provocative thought, humor and very creative and actionable ideas. She will help you understand how leaders can increase team buy-in, adaptability and execution as we head toward the future.

Resources For Future Leaders

Cheryl’s free online resources can help you lead with the future in mind.

Get ready to lead your company into the future.

Evolutionary leaders all over the globe are now thinking in terms of the future. Want to know what they know that you don’t?

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